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 +**Getting started with App Bazaar developer portal**
 +  *[[welcome#​firstouch|Firstouch]]
 +  *[[welcome#​Firstouch AppBazaar|Firstouch AppBazaar]]
 +    *Benefits for Developers
 +    *Benefits for Customers
 +  *[[welcome#​Developer Accounts|Developer Accounts]]
 +      *Create Account
 +      *Manage Account
 +        *Settings(Accounts and Password)
 +        *Reports
 +        *Transaction History
 +        *Terms of service/ privacy policy ​  
 +  *[[welcome#​New Applications|New Application]]
 +      *App Uploading
 +      *Add Language
 +      *Publish the application
 +      *Releasing new updates for your applications
 +      *Managing regional content  ​
 +Firstouch, a new and innovative Brand is set to revolutionize the mobile industry by introducing World'​s first Regional Smartphone. With committed focus on innovation, Firstouch’s ​ technology team has developed a customized Android Operating System for the language passionate people of India. Firstouch’s vision is to build a mobile operating system to bridge the digital divide by connecting non-English speaking people with the Information world.
 +====Firstouch AppBazaar====
 +Firstouch aims to develop a complete Regional Mobile Ecosystem, and thus one of the major offering of Firstouch Smartphones is App Bazaar, India'​s first regional App Store. Targeted for semi urban and rural market App Bazaar is  the first App Store in country to have its own payment gateway, which allows user to buy application without use of any credit card. Major mobile publishing companies and main regional application developers are already part of Firstouch App Bazaar Ecosystem
 +    *Benefits for developers
 +      *Tap language centric untapped market
 +      *A single app in different Regional languages. So developers app gets  visibility in all languages.
 +      *Monetize more efficiently by selling apps on App Bazaar
 +      *Free sign ups for developers unlike Google play store  & App Store
 +      *No approval waiting ,publish your apps instantaneously
 +      *Easy & favorable payouts
 +      *Real time downloads reporting
 +      *24X7 email support
 +    *Benefits for Customers/ Average user
 +      *User can buy any application without use of any credit card
 +      *Regional search is available to find content
 +      *App Bazaar currently supports 9 Indian languages
 +====Developer Accounts====
 +A Firstouch App Bazaar account gives you access to upload new application details, add new languages and publish the app  on App Bazaar. App Bazaar account comes with your email address ,which will help you have a richer, more personalized experience ​ across App Bazaar. ​
 +   ​*Create Account
 +To create developer account,go to the developer portal URL  http://​ and then click simply the  **create ​ new account** link besides the sign in box in the developer portal .
 +**(Note-While creating new account,​display name should be proper as it will be displayed with app name in App bazaar)**
 +**Use the same username and password to sign in to App Bazaar portal.**
 +Once you create a developer account, you can use that same username and password to sign in to account any time.
 +   ​*Manage Account
 +After sign in, you can manage the account through **Settings, Reports and Applications**. Through application tab, you can upload the new application,​ add the language and publish the app. Through settings, you can manage the developer’s ​ profile by setting language, phone number, passwords and all. In reports tab, you can see the consolidated report of all apps with their current downloads.
 +   ​*Terms of Service/​Privacy policy
 +This  tab is located at bottom Black bar of screen. App Store is an online mobile platform on which developers can distribute Products via Devices. Every Developer has to acquire and validly maintain a developer Account in compliance hereof. The developer must also acquire and maintain a valid Payment Account with the authorized Payment Processor if it proposes to charge a fee for its Products.
 +   ​*Transaction history
 +Developers can see their list of transactions in transaction history
 +====New Applications====
 +After creating new account ,when you upload ​ new  application follow steps as follows
 +   ​*Select the  ‘Appliction’ tab on the application screen. ​
 +   ​*Click on ‘Add New Apps’
 +   *In this screen ,you will find 2 menus on left side: Application Details and Application Upload.
 +   *In ‘Application details, you need to add title, description.
 +   ​*Submit ​ the screenshots,​app icon as per specifications.
 +{{:​4.5_screenshots.png|}} ​
 +**(Note -For Screenshots ​ at least 2 and atmost ​ 8 screenshots are required overall. It should be JPEG        ​
 +or PNG. Min length for any side: 320px. Max length for any side: 3840px.**
 +**For App Icon - 512 x 512,  with PNG format only)**
 +   ​*Select the category for application,​ type of app(paid/​unpaid) .Write proper Email id and then **‘Submit’**.
 +   *In second menu i.e. in ‘Application Upload’, upload the respective **apk** file.
 +   ​*After uploading the apk, Select the **‘Published’** option on upper right side of  Application screen.
 +**(Note- Until and unless you select the ‘published’ option ,you application will not be visible on App Bazaar)**  ​
 +   ​*Releasing new updates for your applications
 +If  you want to  upload the new version of the apk in already uploaded application then login through your developer portal ​ username and password, select the application in which you want to upload the new apk and then click on ‘Application Upload’ ​ and upload respective apk. New version of apk will be uploaded.
 +   ​*Managing regional content
 +You need to add the content in regional language, if you want to see any application on App Bazaar in regional language
 +     ​*Select the application for which you want to upload the language.
 +     ​*Click on ‘Add Language’ and select the language in which you want to upload the application.{{:​6.2_language.png|}}
 +     *Add title, description{{:​6.3_title_description.png|}}
 +     *Add the screenshots only as per specifications and finally click on ‘Submit’.{{:​6.4_screenshots.png|}}
 +     *You can see the added description in regional languages on clicking ‘Edit Language’.{{:​6.5_edit_language.png|}}

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