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Billing in AppBazaar is facilitated by network carriers, referred as Carrier based Billing. In this billing structure part of the selling price of the app goes to the carriers. The user doesnot have to make a Credit/Debit card purchase for buying digital contents in AppBazaar. The price of the app is debited as a charge from his/her carrier billing account, making purchases seamless.

For paid applications and in-app payments on App Bazaar, the transaction fee is equivalent to 50% of the price. Application developers receive 50% of the payment. The remaining 50% goes towards government taxes, network operator and Firstouch's operating fee.

50% of app cost 50% of app cost

Break up for Operation Charges

Carriers Airtel / Idea / Vodafone
Current Carrier Charges 50%
Service tax (12.36%)
AppBazaar charges

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